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Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose
Founder & Principal Advisor

I’m a California native, born and raised in Southern and now living in Northern. After graduating from Stanford University (B.A. English ’87), I worked for 14 years in account management for several recruitment advertising agencies in the Bay Area. I’ve been married to my husband Michael for 31 years, and we have three daughters. My exercise accountability buddy is a 90lb German Shepherd rescue named Emmy.

The college admission/athletic recruitment process is daunting. There are so many myths, misconceptions and plain old misinformation out there that squashes the joy out of what should be an exciting time of transition. It is tragic to hear kids say they’ll never play at a D1 school, that they won’t get merit aid with their test scores, or that they can’t go to college without incurring thousands of dollars in student debt.  Because none of this is true.

I’m passionate about finding the perfect fit for each student. And that path is as individual as the child. Helping them discover who they are – what they like and want and are excited about – not what their friends (or even their families, sometimes) want for them. Then identifying institutions that are a good match, and finally shepherding the dreaded task of marketing themselves through interviews and essay writing. That last one is my favorite.

Between my three daughters, we’ve got D1 and D3 athletics, Phi Beta Kappa and ROTC. Large public university in the Midwest, small private liberal arts college in the South, and one where considerable medical accommodations took precedence. My own family is a microcosm of the range of interests each student brings to the college search process. Done right, it can be fun!

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