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Game Plan Core Curriculum

All students enrolled with Rose College Strategies receive one-on-one coaching designed to meet the individual needs of each student. The framework around this relationship - the Game Plan Core Curriculum - includes:  


  • The Kick-off (evaluation, brainstorming, planning and strategy)

  • College Criteria & School List Development

  • Fall Application Workshop

  • Winter Deadline Oversight

  • Spring Status & Assessment

  • Admissions Options Review

Academic Packages

Academic Comprehensive 

for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

Receive on-demand, personal advising and expert oversight from the start of the college search process to after the final application is submitted.  Follows Game Plan Core Curriculum and includes First Year College Insurance.  

• High School Course Selection  Resume Building

Test Prep and Planning

• College Selection

Essay Development and Editing

Calendar and Deadline Management

Applications Support and Review

Interview Prep Gap Year/Alternative Education

• Financial Aid & Scholarship Guidance 

Academic Basic/Senior Start 

for Seniors

Academic Basic starts with a kick-off planning session in late Junior or early Senior year, and continues with expedited guidance and support throughout the fall/spring application season of Senior year.  Includes First Year College Insurance. 

Athletic Packages

Student athletes require more service hours due to coach outreach, resume and social media formulation management, NCAA/NAIA eligibility and compliance, financial aid/scholarship considerations, and more. Rose College Strategies believes that every skilled player who wants to play at the college level can and that, after all the financial and time investment parents have made over the years, college athletic scholarships can be a way to reimburse that expense. 

For all High School Student Athletes

Self-Directed Recruiting Consultation

90 minutes 

Design a recruitment gameplan for your particular sport, by creating an actionable strategy to generate interest from, and establish relationships with, college coaches and recruiters.

Other Services

For all High School students

Office Hours

90 minutes

Supplemental advising and additional/add-on services: 

  • Personal Branding

  • Essay Development and Formulation

  • Editing

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Interview Preparation

  • Financial Assistance Seminar

  • Alternative Program Assistance (e.g., Online High School) 

  • College Transfers

For Recent Graduates & RCS Alumni

First Year College Insurance

Support for parents and students encountering First Year college questions and concerns.

Team Recruiting Management Individual Player Assessment Organizational College Prep Education
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