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Coaches' Corner

Add Rose College Strategies to your coaching staff

In addition to providing services for private clients, Rose College Strategies partners with teams and organizations to provide roster-wide recruiting support. 


In this capacity, RCS helps players define their goals and cast a wide (but appropriate and effective) recruiting net during the season, in order to meet college goals by senior year. We handle off-field business, so coaches can focus on on-field business of game play and player development.  In addition to communicating with colleges, off-field business can involve improving grades; course selection for the upcoming year; cleaning up social media; adding leadership, volunteer or work experience to resume; test prep; school choice; managing family expectations vs. reality; and more. Our partnerships with prior student athletes, strength and conditioning professionals, academic tutors, and  film/video/photographic services are available to you. 


Coach Testimonials

"In just a couple of seasons, Bonnie Rose has made a huge impact with helping our players get in front of college coaches. She provides them with  detailed information about school camps, coaches contact info and what kind of player each school is looking for. She was a huge part of our Ohana 18u team getting our seniors committed. We have one senior left and Bonnie is working diligently to get her committed. She is ferocious at the ballpark searching out coaches to get our girls recruited. Non-stop recruiting and gathering information from the coaches during the weekend at the showcase games and tournaments we play in. Her tenacity and knowledge of the game and college process allows her to speak with any college coach. Not only does she speak with college coaches, she also informs players and parents with info to help push them to get in front of that coach and school. She has tons of resources and knowledge of the recruiting process. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will get it in quick fashion. 

Without Bonnie during COVID season, our job as coaches would have been much more difficult to help these players get recruited. She gave us more time to set up cameras for live streaming and actually coaching the girls fully, while she searched for and interacted with college coaches. 

She will be a huge asset to any team and you will not be disappointed with her professionalism and high standards in helping athletes get recruited." 

Coach Gene Tobola

Nor Cal Ohana Tigers 18 Gold 

"Bonnie was immensely helpful to our 14U families with kids entering high school. They needed information on the “big picture” so Bonnie educated them on what options are available for post high school play, and how to make them happen. The families came in feeling unprepared but left feeling ready to enter the recruiting process. Throughout all of it, Bonnie listened and responded with patience, kindness, and a wealth of knowledge."

Andrea M.

Owner of LineDrive

Most importantly, we are available to families to answer any questions about the recruiting process, while working to ensure that, as STUDENT-athletes, they complete all the admissions steps required by their future institution.

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