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"I am so grateful for Rose College Strategies and more specifically for Bonnie Rose. Looking at school beyond high school graduation can seem daunting and, at times, overwhelming to both students and parents. Bonnie provides structure and guidance to form a plan appropriate to each student. Bonnie is expert in finding ways to highlight what makes them unique and she encourages that individuality. Bonnie really meets your student right where they are and uses their abilities to their advantage . Thank you, Bonnie!”

Kelley L., Parent of Redwood Class of 2021 (Academic Comprehensive)

"Bonnie has made a hugely positive impact on our son’s college application experience.  It was our first time through the process and she was extremely helpful in several areas along the way:  thoughtfully identifying colleges that would be a good fit, keeping us apprised of impending deadlines, helping our son best represent his strengths, and lending a watchful and constructive eye over all his essays and written responses.  Collectively this guidance and assistance were hugely important to our family, and she has been a great partner for us.  We highly recommend her!"

Matt C., Parent of Tamalpais High School Class of 2022

(Academic Comprehensive)

"Bonnie was immensely helpful to our 14U families with kids entering high school. They needed information on the “big picture” so Bonnie educated them on what options are available for post high school play, and how to make them happen. The families came in feeling unprepared but left feeling ready to enter the recruiting process. Throughout all of it, Bonnie listened and responded with patience, kindness, and a wealth of knowledge."

Andrea M., Owner of LineDrive

(Organizational Recruiting Management)

"[Bonnie] played a great role as a sounding board for [student] and myself independently, and ultimately that camp you recommended probably was key to her recruitment. Really appreciate everything you did."

Will K., Parent of Recruited Softball Player from Redwood Class of 2021

(Athletic Comprehensive) 

"In just a couple of seasons, Bonnie Rose has made a huge impact with helping our players get in front of college coaches. She provides them with  detailed information about school camps, coaches contact info and what kind of player each school is looking for. She was a huge part of our Ohana 18u team getting our seniors committed. We have one senior left and Bonnie is working diligently to get her committed. She is ferocious at the ballpark searching out coaches to get our girls recruited. Non-stop recruiting and gathering information from the coaches during the weekend at the showcase games and tournaments we play in. Her tenacity and knowledge of the game and college process allows her to speak with any college coach. Not only does she speak with college coaches, she also informs players and parents with info to help push them to get in front of that coach and school. She has tons of resources and knowledge of the recruiting process. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will get it in quick fashion. 


Without Bonnie during Covid season, our job as coaches would have been much more difficult to help these players get recruited. She gave us more time to set up cameras for live streaming and actually coaching the girls fully, while she searched for and interacted with college coaches. She will be a huge asset to any team and you will not be disappointed with her professionalism and high standards in helping athletes get recruited."

Coach Gene Tobola

NorCal Ohana Tigers 18 Gold 

(Organizational Recruiting Management)

"Thank you Bonnie! [Student] certainly has a variety of options and I appreciate your help in guiding her through the process... She couldn't have done it without your support as it gave her tremendous confidence in dealing with counselors and admissions departments."

Michael M., Parent of Novato High Class of 2021

(Academic Comprehensive)

"I cannot thank Bonnie enough for her terrific work. And I'd like to recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best counselor, who is committed and kind at the same time. She provided guidance and pointed out the things that made my student stand out on her application."

Marcia G., Tiburon, CA - In Support of International Transfer Student

(Office Hours / Transfer Assistance)

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